fineract data import
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How to migrate data to Apache Fineract using APIs

This guide stages the work that needs to take place to import data feeds from legacy CBS, 3rd Party Transaction Processor, CRM’s - transaction processors into an instance of Fineract. The scope of this guide also applies to a detailed set of steps to migrate data for historical records.
Common deployment issues fineract
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Most common deployment issues when you install Apache Fineract

worked on a public deployment instance of Apache Fineract and stabilized this deployment for a month. During this time, I faced a lot of issues. With this blog, I have tried my best to confront them and highlight what are the possible reasons these issues exist and what are ways to navigate through them when you are deploying Fineract 1.x.
Coding semi monthly loan scheduler in Fineract 1.x
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How to code a semi monthly loan scheduler in Fineract ?

A conditional logic was also introduced to set the states where semi semi-monthly loan is used and performs payments scheduling and other computations accordingly. A new subroutine was introduced in the repayment schedule generator to handle repayment schedule generation for a semi-monthly loan
OSS open source
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Open source products and businesses

What is an open source product or an OSS( OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE )? Open source products are the end products of the product creators whose source codes are kept open to the public. Due to its flexibility, people can view the code and desired programmers can modify it ,alter it to meet their personal needs and can redistribute it to other active developers within the community.
OAuth2.0 protocols
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OAuth, OpenID and list of Oauth providers

OAuth is an open standard for access delegation, commonly used as a way for Internet users to grant websites or applications access to their information on other websites but without giving them the passwords. OAuth provides clients a "secure delegated access" to server resources on behalf of a resource owner.