Financial Inclusion with School Community Banking in Africa

Financial Inclusion through School Community Banking SCOBAs
Access to financial services is still a very big challenge in Uganda, especially in rural communities. Banks are mainly concentrated in major towns and their services are highly priced. According to global partnerships for financial inclusion, billions of adults still remain unbanked and inequalities persist due to this underbanked situation.
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The Rise of Decentralized Social Networks

Rise of decentralised social media
Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with how major social media platforms dealt misinformation, censorship, privacy, political neutrality, user control, and malicious activities. Decentralized Social Networks, also known as Federated Networks, have emerged as a means to address these concerns.
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Consensus algorithms in Blockchain applications

We have also analyzed more than hundred top crypto-currencies belonging to different categories of consensus algorithms to understand their properties and to implicate different trends in these crypto-currencies. Finally, we have presented a decision tree of algorithms to be used as a tool to test the suitability of consensus algorithms under different criteria.
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