Ideas and thoughts that shape us , from fire to Internet

Fire, an accident that lit up the surrounding. There was more to see now, provided warmth and good quality food. The invention came with multiple opportunities. One could burn themselves or others around with that spark, and the choice is yours now.

Nature allowed us to harness the resources provided to us, and in return, we produced Flames that consist primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapour, oxygen and nitrogen. Knowing today that we have emitted vast amounts of carbon emissions and pollutants in the air by burning fossil fuels, we generate energy. My case here is about the invention and how we use those discoveries to our causes.

From fire to burning fossil fuels, we have evolved. My intent of evolution that it has produced products replicated on a large scale. Invention arises if there is a need. I am not a theorist who continues trying to put a post-industrial revolution theory that ended up creating war machines. Once those wars exhausted the energy from humanity, they started producing different products, and those products can grow wheat faster but consume and destroy the soil. Those products can send an email to anyone easily in just a snap but at a cost with an in-equally divided society.

My question to myself is what kind of complex world we have created.

The arrival of the Internet as a network in the Army sector is not a human need since it sent information for war and protected nations and their interest. Internet what we see today is different, and it has evolved. Commercial Internet came into existence around 80 to 90, where researchers tried developing outside the defined box of the Internet. There were website and domains at the beginning of the Internet where one could reach some information on the desk. The computer itself was a magic device externally available to humans. It did provide warmth initially, but unlike fire, the heat generated from transistors was not letting anyone cook good food or keep nocturnal predators at bay.

Fire is a natural spirit; it holds the value that defines the catalytic effect in the surrounding. Internet is all virtual, and there is no symbiotic relationship with nature. However, silicon makes semiconductor, and it is not surprising that nature does support our creation in different ways, which we cannot imagine.

Internet provided a new way to organise content out in public. One can search from the pool of internet files that are decentralised pieces of hardware connected. In the initial days of the Internet, only plain text is visible without many dynamics around since we all went there to read information. Transfer the files using an open-source protocol such as FTP(file transfer protocol). All the flashy and glossy content is a pure result of imagination pushed across through various segments and needs to drive constant innovation with the just cause to thrive and make a change to the real world.

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